Sell ADOREYES Products ONLINE & EARN MONEY with Hassle-Free Setup & Shipping


To show our support to the beauty businesses during these uncertain times, we are introducing an online option to sell ADOREYES eyelashes and eyebrows serums. With the launch of our newly developed online plugin, your customers will be able to purchase ADOREYES serum with direct shipping to their home while your business earns $30 on each purchase. ADOREYES handles all the shipping and returns. With ADOREYES, you can elevate your business without any restrictions in place.



  • Online selling option available only to verified Beauty Businesses and Professionals customers
  • Plugin available for websites and referral link for social media accounts
  • Zero setup costs and no inventory required
  • Hassle-free setup with ADOREYES Support Team on websites
  • ADOREYES handles transactions, shipping and returns
  • You earn $30 on every product purchase
  • Payments to your account are available via PayPal or lnterac Transfer
  • Access to your on line ADOREYES account to view detailed orders, earning, stats, campaign performance and payout information


  1. Create an account with ADOREYES via the link:
  2. Once registered, our team will verify your beauty business and follow up via email to request additional information (website address or social media account).
  3. Upon successful verification process we will provide you with images and referral link. The images should be used on your website or social media and/or linked with your referral link or via "Buy Product" button. Our team will assist you with the website for a hassle-free setup.
  4. With your Beauty Partner registration, you will gain an access to your account dashboard where you will be able to use a trackable referral link, see orders, earnings, stats and payout information
  5. Your Setup is Done! Remember to promote your products on social media accounts, newsletters, website, and at your location to increase your sale conversion. The payouts will be issued on 1st and 16th of every month via PayPal or Interac Transfer.


Message us at or visit our contact us page to inquire about ADOREYES online selling.