6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Canadian Beauty Brands

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The Canadian beauty industry has a long history of cosmetic brands known worldwide for its innovations, transparency, and quality. The Canadian beauty landscape offers a variety of products from peeling solutions to pencil lipsticks. Buying Canadian products is a statement behind choosing quality, results and safety, but there's a lot more under the surface!

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose Canadian made cosmetics:

1. Ingredients Transparency

The high-quality ingredients are at the core as we follow Canadian Health guidelines for clean, non-toxic and safe products. With strict regulations, Canadian companies pay extra attention to product testing and safety.

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2. Quality without Compromise

The products are of a higher quality as you know where your product comes from and what QC/QA regulations have to follow. From the formula creation to the manufacturing process, everything is under strict control to benefit the end-customer. 

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3. Knowledge Behind Expertise

Products are based on knowledge and expertise behind ingredients transparency. The experts that formulate beauty products follow the latest standards and trends to innovate new cosmetics.

4. Canadian businesses support other local businesses

Partnering up with local businesses is a common practice to expand the reach and deliver the products to the broadest audience. It's a win-win for businesses and customers that are looking for quality cosmetics. 


5. It's more sustainable

Locally-produced goods generally have less packaging and fewer air miles.


6. Buying Canadian Means Growing

Canadian businesses create jobs and opportunities for the community

    At ADOREYES, we feel proud to be a part of the Canadian beauty scene! 

    With Love,

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