ADOREYES Snapshot of the Year 2020

adoreyes lash serum canada

Trusted and Recommended by Beauty Professionals

As a Canadian company with cosmetics made in Canada, we are proud of the recognition of our products amongst Beauty Professionals. This year, we experienced tremendous growth in our beauty salons network, and we gained a loyal base of followers who shop local. Without you and your knowledgeable decisions, this wouldn't be possible. Thank You!


ADOREYES Media Spotlight

Bringing to life a sophisticated Triple Peptide Complex formula took time, and it was worth it! Good products do not happen overnight, but with the hard work of our formulation experts, that stand behind our products and major cosmetic brands, we were able to bring science and nature to one place. There is a scientific explanation and effectiveness recognized in the media outlets with every positive review!

ADOREYES media spotlight

Winning Awards!

This year, ADOREYES introduced lash and brow serum products to the US market, and surprise! We are the GOLD winner for "The Best Innovative Product in the USA"! Thank You, Global Makeup Awards for the recognition and for diving into the science behind our products.

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Giving Back to the Beauty Community!

We call this year a "bumpy year", but behind every obstacle, there is an opportunity. With all lockdowns and red zones, we were and are with beauty salons. We support our beauty salons partners with their marketing efforts and provide technical support with switching to the online sale. The pandemic took a heavy toll on businesses, and we are here to help!

Governing for Made in Canada Products

Buying Canadian products is a statement behind choosing quality, results and safety, but there's a lot more under the surface! We actively work with ABA and the Canadian government to support local businesses and products by highlighting their importance in our economy.
eyelash serum canada