Is Eyelash Serum Safe to Use?

safe eyelash serum

While multiple lash serums are available on the market, not all of them are created equally to deliver the same results.

Eyelashes, just like hair, are made up of protein. In fact, they're over 90% protein. This is where amino acids (peptides) come into play. Not only are amino acids the building blocks of protein (and thus your eyelashes), but they also nourish and repair the damage. This is also why peptides are the main ingredient in many lash-enhancement formulas.

Using peptide-based infused formulas is safe as it assists a natural process of hair follicles anchoring and increases a hair shaft in the anagen phase. During the catagen phase, peptides and vitamin B complex nourish your lashes to make them healthy-looking. The telogen phase is keeping your lashes stronger.  Always look for lash serums that can cover all three eyelash cycle phases.

safe eyelash growth serum

Healthy lashes, like your hair, require enough moisture. Many mascara products are very drying and cause breakages that result in sparser and shorter looking eyelashes.

This is where eyelash serums come into play, as these condition your lashes and improve their appearance and health. Furthermore, the serums are enriched with peptides, vitamin B complex, and antioxidants or DHT blockers such as biotin, pumpkin, and grape seed extracts. These ingredients are safe and don't cause any side effects.

When choosing your lash serum, always aim for vegan and cruelty-free formulas as they are proven to use natural ingredients that are less harsh on your skin.
Avoid formulas that include allergic ingredients that can irritate your eyes. If in doubt, check the ingredients against EWG's Skin Deep® cosmetic database to look up the ingredients toxicity, allergens or other harmful ingredients. Making informed decisions is your best friend and advisor based on your own research to avoid possible disappointment.

Last but not least, if you're looking for a serum to support lash extensions or protect them from overstyling (lash tint or lift), then lash serum is your best friend as long as the formula is oil-free to not interfere with the glue.

As a whole, peptide-based eyelash serums are safe to use. However, keep in mind to check the ingredients, or if it's too late and you have already purchased the serum, test it first on your skin to see if you're experiencing allergic reactions.

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