The Benefits of Custom Lash Serum versus a Copycat Private Label Formula

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The Difference Between  Custom Developed Formula &  Private Label 

By now, you might notice that most of the eyelash and eyebrow serums have the same list of ingredients on the packaging. The majority of companies use so-called private or white label services from third party cosmetic manufacturers. It means that they use the same formula under different branding.  Hence, you might notice that the eyelash serum from brand "X" has the same ingredients as eyelash serum from brands "Y" and "Z". Yet, the price and claims are different.

There are some significant downfalls for you as a customer to buy and use such products, and we listed a few of them below:

 1. No active ingredients 

The majority of the time, the listed ingredients have no scientific support or clinical data to improve the appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

2. False Promises of Delivering Results

In most cases, the marketing claims have no substantial function while referring to the ingredients, and they might vary within the same formula based on the selling brand's judgement.

3. Health Risks 

Your serum was manufactured abroad. There might be nothing wrong with this fact as long as the manufacturing facility is regulated to eliminate the risk of contamination and assure ingredients compliance with Canadian law as per Health Canada guidelines.

4. Mislabeled or Hazardous Ingredients  

Although against the law, some ingredients might be not listed on the packaging as the product is imported in the tubes and repackaged in Canada. There is no obligation to provide certified manufacturing documents to the authority unless requested. This creates a loophole that has been explored for many years by companies that profit from fraud and unethical practices. If you would like to read more about the illegal cosmetics sold in Canada, read the Toronto Star article written by Michelle Henry.

5. Inadequate Pricing

You're paying the top price for the serum that has the same ingredients as other lash serums available on the market without acknowledging it. Before deciding on your next serum, search the ingredients list on your browser, and see if multiple results are coming up from different brands.

6. One source for All

The majority of lash serums available on the market comes from Alibaba. Alibaba has been fueling online marketplaces and private label brand products for years. Companies would place a bulk order for the lash or brow serum and order bottle/tube rebranding to print their logo. The same lash or brow serum with the same ingredients can be purchased at AliExpress for a fraction of the rebranded product retail price, at $2-$5. 

The common ingredients in the private or white label formula can be easily searched on the internet. Sometimes they list ingredients that do not include any actives that could improve your eyelash growth or eyebrows regrowth (example: water, citric acid, sodium chloride, cellulose gum, benzalkonium chloride, disodium phosphate). If you're unsure if the eyelash serum formula is a copycat or unique to the brand, then simply copy the product ingredients to the search in the browser and check the results for the repetitive list of ingredients under multiple brands. You might be surprised that the same lash serum listed at $99 is sold under a different brand for $29.


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