Unveiling the ADOREYES Journey

adoreyes anniversary

The year 2017 witnessed the birth of an idea—a seed of innovation that would blossom into a revolution. By 2018, that idea found its identity, ADOREYES, a name that echoed the promise of transformative beauty. Fast forward to 2019, and the culmination of a visionary collaboration emerged in the form of the first-of-its-kind Triple Peptide Complex lash and brow serum. This product would redefine beauty norms and leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Led by Toronto-based scientists, formulators, and beauty experts, this groundbreaking serum not only changed the game but set a new standard for innovation. Garnering multiple accolades, it became the beacon of a trend, a symbol of progressive beauty. Following in its wake, the award-winning Obsidian mascara and eyeliner, adorned with conditioning and bond-building technology, took the world by storm, earning international acclaim and furthering our commitment to innovation.

From day one, our journey has been guided by a commitment to science, efficacy proof, and the functional integrity of every ingredient. We believe in the untapped potential within each individual, a potential waiting to be awakened.

adoreyes beauty awards

At ADOREYES, we transcend the ordinary, forsaking incremental products for true breakthroughs. Crafted by the biggest names in the beauty industry, each of our creations boasts a unique formula. Keeping our roots local with manufacturing in Canada, we proudly uphold a commitment to sustainability.

In our quest for innovation, our path led us to a new frontier. Collaborating with esteemed Canadian Research Centers and wineries, we transformed grape pomace leftovers into a rich antioxidant brimming with vitamin C and resveratrol. This commitment to innovation, cleanliness, and sustainability is the hallmark of our dedication to quality.

ADOREYES is not just a cosmetics brand; it's a celebration of inclusivity, self-awareness, and meaningful support. The belief in the inherent beauty within every individual is not a mere catchphrase; it beats at the heart of our brand. We contribute to fundraisers, opening doors to new opportunities for young women, and extend a caring hand by donating cosmetics to breast cancer survivors. ADOREYES is about making a positive impact, celebrating natural beauty, and giving back to the community that embraces us.

Our journey is a symphony of transformation, growth, and empowerment. We invite you to join us on this path of promoting natural beauty, self-confidence, and holistic well-being. Together, we transcend the boundaries of a cosmetics brand; we emerge as a movement that empowers and uplifts, a collective force committed to making a positive change.